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rod boys 001Jun

      These 3 little boys wanted to send new photos to their dad in Army Basic Training for father’s day.  Christian showed off all his missing teeth (he lost four teeth in two weeks).  Gabriel gave his shy expressions and made the group portrait of him with his back to camera and his need to stand away from his brothers priceless.  The youngest, Alex has grown some and has a new haircut.  Dad should really enjoy this gift while away from home, but we could not forget to get one of his wife, so she jumped in on a few photographs too. 

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Helping a Hero.org https://www.jackiecurtisphoto.com/blog/2012/6/helping-a-hero-org hh Gala 2011 jackiecutisphotopurple heart and pros arm Helping a Hero.org is a not-for-profit organization that helps wounded veterans realize their dreams of home ownership that is adapted to their injuries. 

marine helpingahero

I first met one of the board members, Meredith Iler to discuss a possible photo essay of one of their events.  My photo partner Tim Burggraf and I were inspired by some of the stories and their main mission.  They have helped facilitate the building of over 50 homes in Texas and other states.  The gala raised over 1 million dollars and gave away over 20 homes with previously raised money.  The staff consists of 100% non-paid volunteers, so every dollar goes towards the veterans.  For each applicant, Helping a Hero donates $100,000, finds a local builder to donate $50,000 and a land developer to donate a $50,000 lot; totaling $200,000.  Then floor plans are adjusted to meet the needs of each injury and growing families.  The Veteran is handed the key to their specially built home with a $50,000 low interest mortgage to cover the reaming amount of the home building cost. Helping a hero.org also helped fund the building of 2 homes on ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover.


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Christmas Family Photo https://www.jackiecurtisphoto.com/blog/2012/6/christmas-family-photo grace x mas jackiecurtisphoto_1 copy 2

       The Beilstein’s invited me out to their beautiful home to photograph their family and two intelligent and talented children, for their Christmas card.  With so many choices of a colorful holiday backdrop it was tough to choose.  We decided to use both the smaller snow white and extra large winter green Christmas trees.  Photographing the kids playing chess in front of the tree and holding their Pugs named after their favorite Harry Potter character were some of my favorites.  Christopher and Grace were captured performing some of their treasured  activities.  Everyone was in his or her own comfortable environment and has forever encapsulated the warm holiday feeling of their home to share with other in this family portrait session.

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Two cute little girls with red hair https://www.jackiecurtisphoto.com/blog/2012/6/two-cute-little-girls-with-red-hair red heads a copy 2

Allie and Catlyn

     I photographed these two fiery red heads to Mercer Arboretum.  The two sisters started off their morning with a fairy fantasy shoot and later did a few portraits to finish of our session.  They had several great images, making it hard to pick just a few to show off.

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Newborn Baby Alex https://www.jackiecurtisphoto.com/blog/2012/6/newborn-baby-alex alexjackiecurtisphoto_2_pp copy


      This newborn photo shoot was done at the mother’s home.  Because I came to her home she was able maintain her traditional Vietnamese postpartum customary healing while getting photographs of her son before he was 30 days old.  Good thing all my props were washable, because he peed on everything.  He even managed to get his mom and yes, the photographer too.  We had a good laugh and will later look back on his angelic photos remembering how he got us.

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Baby Addison https://www.jackiecurtisphoto.com/blog/2012/6/baby-addison addisonjackiecurtisphoto_3a_pp copy 2

      I meet this little cutie at my daughters’ daycare.  She was such a sweet little girl at Mercer Garden during her photo shoot.  The camera loved those big brown smiling eyes.  She changed into four different outfits to provide a variety of portrait styles against the colorful decor of the garden.

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Baby Jacob https://www.jackiecurtisphoto.com/blog/2012/6/baby-jacob jacobjackiecurtisphoto_10 copy 4

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I am Jackie Rodriguez, a photographer, providing families with a lifetime of monumental memories. https://www.jackiecurtisphoto.com/blog/2012/5/i-am-jackie-rodriguez-a-Houston-Photographer Jackie Prof Pic

I have a Bachelors in Fine Arts and fell in love with photography when I received my first camera over 20 years ago.  This passion to capture life’s moments began before learning cursive in Elementary school.  The introduction of elemental lessons in photography with film and early education have given me the necessary experience and patience to encapsulate a memory that is looked back on over the years with family styled portraiture.   Everyone needs time to warm up to the camera to capture their natural personality; sessions are scheduled for an hour of fun and relaxation.  I adore photographing children in their environments to allow them to be comfortable and expressive outside the “Say Cheese” tabletop studio.   Sometimes the best photos are the ones not looking at the camera, but the ones that shows how silly, sad, excited, or mad they might be, to tell a story about that moment in time.  As a photographer, mother and wife, I have found patience, education, experience and the ability to find the moment is the best way to capture the memories that are cherished for a lifetime. 

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